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knock knock. who’s there?  not me…

knock knock.

who’s there? 

not me


Teshima Yokoo House: Tower Tadanori Yokoo and Yuko Nagay
A combination museum and funeral hall, the Teshima Yokoo House is the latest addition to the collection of art venues being developed on islands in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea under the aegis of the Fukutake Foundation. A collaboration between the 77-year-old artist Tadanori Yokoo and the 38-year-old architect Yuko Nagayama, the museum incorporates three historic wooden houses within Teshima’s Ieura village, plus a vibrant garden created by the artist and a 46-foot-high brick tower designed by the architect. Rimmed with brilliant red rocks, a blue-tiled pond is the garden’s defining feature, while postcards of the world’s waterfalls belonging to the artist line the tower interior. Jet printed onto acrylic, the 9,000 cards reach the 33-foot-high ceiling but, thanks to a mirrored floor, seem to go on forever. [via]

"Pick your own poison," she says. @cuty77
I loved our movie date today :) (Mommy/Hiya) #theCroods was awesome!
I think I’m addicted.. Thanks a lot @nicholas_ricard !!! Smh.
I wuv my sissy poo :)) @naopandism
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The stingray wanted Jai to pet him.. #gaaquarium
"So we can’t take them home??" #gaaquarium
Mommy/Baby #gaaquarium